Flow Wrapping services


Flow Wrapping is a quick and economical method of packing a range of products. Items can be wrapped either individually or collated with several other products. This service has become increasingly popular for packaging promotional items, such as samples of food or beauty products for door drops, or free gifts for packaging inside cereal boxes.

Flow Wrapping Services

In our flow wrapping process, we use food grade polypropylene with a crimp seal top and bottom and fin seal running the length of the pack. This packaging is therefore ideal for individual portions of products such as biscuits or confectionery.

We can apply flow wrapping to various sized products, but it is most commonly used for smaller items that are either sold individually, or as part of a collection of items in a larger package.

We can supply you with the clear film as well as the printed film for all different brand needs. This gives you the options of clear packaging, so you can see the product inside, this is most commonly used for multiple items placed inside a larger package. The full colour printed design is more appropriate for promotional samples, or individual portion wrapping, as it gives you the option to show part of the product or completely cover it.

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