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Shrink wrapping services are commonly used as a means of wrapping a wide range of products, including books, games, gift packs, calendars, and greetings cards. It is particularly useful when consolidating multiple products as a single pack, as with greeting cards or DVD box sets.

The key benefit to shrink wrapping is that it can be applied to any form, which makes it ideal for packing unique shaped products that might be difficult to wrap any other way. In addition to this, it keeps the product clean and protects it from damage. Shrink wrapping can be useful for products made up of multiple parts; as this ensures that the products remain securely packaged and not lost in transport.

By shrink wrapping a product you will also prevent any tampering or access to contents prior to the product being purchased. This can be especially important for products where restricted access can protect the contents from getting into the wrong hands.

Shrink Wrapping Services

We have vast experience with a wide range of products, using a variety of suitable strength and thickness film. If you are looking for shrink wrap services to ensure that you can deliver your products in optimum condition and the most cost effective solution, then contact us today to discuss your options (shrink wrapping, shrink wrap sleeve, shrink wrap tubing) for your specific requirements.

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